Programmatic Advertising for Media Companies

Extensive Industry Experience and Hands-On Training

Our partnership will be one-of-a-kind and designed to achieve your short-term and long-term goals

The ESB Programmatic team is made up of digital marketing professionals with tons of traditional media industry experience. We’ve helped build and grow digital departments for local TV/radio stations, and helped train sales teams in a variety of market sizes. We know how hard it is to grow bottom-line revenue while maintaining product margins and minimizing advertiser churn, and we’ll be your partner in making sure all expectations are met.

ESB Programmatic offers the following digital advertising services:


Premium Streaming Services & Content
OTT, Pre-Roll, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube & More


Innovative Display Solutions
Interactive/Static Banners, Native Ads & More


Most Popular Streaming Platforms
Pandora, Spotify, Podcasts & More


Full Transparency & Goal-Based Results
Google, Bing, Yahoo & More


Conversion-Based Campaigns
Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn & More
We use sophisticated targeting in each of our digital platforms to reach your potential customers:





Device Type


In a given month, our agency trading desk manages over 1K campaigns in 44 local markets, as well as full-scale national campaigns

We have built entire infrastructures for order process, fulfillment, reporting and billing that include: insertion order workflow (shared sheets for campaign accountability), campaign execution (email notifications when campaigns go live), campaign management and optimization (email notifications when revisions are completed), and daily reporting on performance metrics and pacing (live dashboard).

We have unparalleled experience working with both local and corporate marketing teams, and provide daily reporting, weekly virtual check-ins, and as-requested in-person meetings to ensure our business relationship is the best it can be. Consistent communication is key to the success of your campaigns. In addition to providing you with a better understanding about your digital performance, we also provide pitching assistance and training about how/when to position certain products, and what is trending in the programmatic industry.

Customized Partnership Agreements

We know your market is unique and that your station has personalized digital needs. We avoid rinse-and-repeat strategies and provide custom solutions for the specific size of your teams and goals.

Financial Upside

A big problem for traditional media companies doing digital is the account churn. You can scale up revenue quickly with outsourced, white-label services but you need a strategic partner to make client campaigns successful and contract renewals a no-brainer. Our focus on margin management will also help your revenue streams across your digital portfolio.

Swiss Army Knife of Digital Services

For PPC services, we work within your own accounts with full transparency. For social media services, we focus on conversions and measurable ROI, not just cheap clicks. For OTT/Pre-roll/Audio, we access premium content across a wide variety of credible publishers (and access to HULU inventory at aggressive industry rates is always a plus). Whatever the platform, we will present a solution that matches your needs.

Sliding Scale Hands On/Off Approach

Need help closing a big account? Or have a special last minute client request? Our team is nimble and can address the changing needs your account executives have at a moment’s notice. Align ESB Programmatic with management priorities and track the progress of your account executives digital activity.